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  1. Thank you for responding. However, are you saying you will do nothing to fix the false positive with your "more aggressive detection techniques and heuristics"? Because your false positive has been made public on VirusTotal, my website was shut down by the hosting provider, and people are now hesitant to use my program. This is a serious matter.
  2. The following executable http://us2.metamath.org/metamath/metamath.exe (661008 bytes) was flagged by malwarebytes here: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/98d292206a3e23ef2d2476aa600ad1ddf7118343c01595ca42be78d2d8de0c2d/detection The metamath.exe program is open source (source code available in http://us2.metamath.org/downloads/metamath.zip ) and was compiled with LCC-Win32, version of 5-Feb-2013, with the command "lc -O m*.c -o metamath.exe". The compiled version matches the sha256sum in the link above.
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