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  1. The S version is a new one on me. No restriction on the software that it will run as far as I know. Antivirus software, whether Malwarebytes or Defender, still running at high levels.
  2. GoogleUpdate.exe is 13/04/2021 20:28 after uninstalling Google before running the install. I am afraid that I have already removed AMD from the schedule. Have ran FRST and the .txt files are attached. Thanks Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. My Dell laptop is 3 years old but my HP printer was purchased 2015. I still use the printer as I don't print much and it still works. As for the HP software update from 2013 I have no memory of why that should be there. Will delete the folder that that holds it do you think? Not sure how to remove the AMDInstallUEP.exe from the schedule but will look into it and attempt to delete. Re-installed Google Chrome and c:\program files (x86)\google\update\googleupdate.exe has a modified date of 15/03/2018 15:58. Thanks @AdvancedSetup
  4. @AdvancedSetup I think this should be ok. I probably corrupted the previous version. 😕DESKTOP-6RJ0TA6.zip Thanks
  5. Hi @AdvancedSetup I have carried out the process and hopefully the scan worked ok as it was not clear that it completed successfully but certainly seemed to have. Thanks DESKTOP-6RJ0TA6.zip
  6. Hi @AdvancedSetup The scan ran for just over 6 hours and detected two processes that may be unsafe. It has deleted the two processes (details in the attached log). The outcome has no effect on the high CPU usage unfortunately. It is like looking for a very small needle in a huge haystack! ESET scan log.txt
  7. I have run TDSSKiller and it found no infections. I am attaching the log in case there might be something on it. Thanks TDSSKiller.
  8. Thank you for the responses @AdvancedSetup I have made some of the changes to Defender as suggested in the webpage without any luck I am afraid. There was no scheduled scan for Defender so that should not be an issue. Going back to the initial issue I raised with high CPU usage using Malwarebytes it would seem both Malwarebytes and Defender are encountering something that is making them behave similaring in using so much CPU. From that I am assuming there is something on my Dell laptop that is causing that, which may be a Dell product or other. I am considering reinstalling Malw
  9. Task Manager shows that Defender is constantly using 20-30% CPU.
  10. Hi @AdvancedSetup Screen shots from task manager attched. Defender is showing high CPU usage similar to the Malwarebytes issue. Thanks malwarebytes screenshots.docx
  11. Hi @AdvancedSetup Windows is up to date and no threats were found using the quick scan. New FIXLOG.TXT attached after running FRST. Thanks Fixlog.txt
  12. Hi @AdvancedSetup I have removed Malwarebytes from my laptop, ran FRST and the resulting reports are attached Thanks again for your help with this FRST.txt Addition.txt
  13. Hi @AdvancedSetup I have run FRST and the reports are attached Thanks FRST.txt Addition.txt
  14. Hi Thanks for the response, I much appreciate your help. I have uninstalled the program Bonjour uninstalled Internet Explorer as do not use it. Don't use Microsoft Edge either as I use Google Chrome changed Google Chrome to block notifications checked Google Chrome but cannot find any extension for F-Secure, may have disappeared when I loaded it possibly as Malwarebytes wanted to be added to the extensions? ran FRST64 with fixlist.txt and attached fixlog.txt to this response and hope it is useful in finding the cause of the problem The laptop is for
  15. Hi I have had Malwarebytes premium for 2 weeks and over that period the CPU and power usage have been hign or very high all that time causing a hot laptop. I have left it to run hoping it would level out after time but it has not. A screenshot of Task Manager is attached showing it way above anything else running. There is no scan running that may cause the issue and have reinstalled Malwarebytes several times. Did have a problem once with a scan automatically starting when I booted up my laptop which used excessive CPU and slowed the laptop to a crawl but after an hour or so I manag
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