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  1. Thanks, can I check why the Sucuri scan timed out, ie. what does this mean? Is my understanding correct that there is no Trojan on the site? If yes, what is the reason for the FP - was the IP previously blacklisted? Sorry for the questions… I’m not a cybersec person just genuinely curious / want to learn the context.
  2. Just to add since I can’t edit, by MB I meant the desktop version not the Chrome plugin (fully updated per this evening) and the flag was in Chrome.exe - Outbound connection. The website did not even load, as I got a “Chrome can’t establish a secure connection error”. I tried scanning it with Sucuri Site Check and it seems OK but the scan timed out (what does that mean?). Also, I’ve done a full scan with MB incl. rootkits, memory and file syatem and there are no detections. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I’ve tried accessing www.mygermanfinances.de today, and MB blocked the connection, flagging it as infected by a Trojan. I scanned it with VirusTotal.com, and it appears clean, but the last submission was in 2020. Could you kindly check whether this was a false positive? Thanks!
  4. Thanks, was just about to ask, as I received this popup upon opening Chrome a minute ago.
  5. Hello, I had three instances yesterday where Steamwebhelper (an application supporting the Steam game app) flagged Outbound Connections to “youtube-ui.l.google”. The thing is that during those events I was playing a game and not making any direct interaction with youtube. I traced the IP back to what seems a legitimate data center of Google LLC in California. Is this also a false positive, i.e. can Steamwebhelper interact w/ Google/youtube in such indirect manner? I can provide full scan logs (all clean by both MBAM and ESET) and the popup log - shall I do this? Thanks very much.
  6. Thanks, Porthos. I've checked a few other topics, and it seems indeed that there are recently more false positives flying around related to "typical" Windows interaction - Office, shortcuts etc.
  7. Hi, I had the same issue a few minutes ago also whilst trying to install another keyboard input language. I pressed ALT-SHIFT to see whether it works properly and had a Windows pop-up giving me the option to change how I'd like the input change to behave, so I clicked and immediately had an RTP exploit notification from MB. Event details: Malware.Exploit.Agent.Generic Application: Windows Control Panel Layer: Application Behavior Protection Location: Long text ending with {HOTKEYS} in the end. Shall I provide the full path? Hope that it is indeed a false "niche" positive as Ut1234 said above. Thanks!
  8. This is exactly how my MB flagged RTP as well. I opened a recent Excel file via right clicking the shortcut in the Start menu. I had this 10 minutes ago and ¬10 days ago, when another user already flagged this, giving me comfort that I'm not the only one. I only had this issue when opening an Excel file for the first time (then and now), and in this 10 day period I've opened files in various ways and have not had this problem. It's interesting that it resurfaced now all of a sudden. I should not that I did not turn off any advanced settings, as I prefer to err on the side of protection.
  9. @AdvancedSetup, funny that you ask (coincidence?!), but I've just had this pop up again five minutes ago when opening Excel after the laptop was turned off for a while! I did not change any settings since the time first reporting this issue (¬10 days ago), but I did not get any more RTP block notifications either... even though I've been opening Excel dozens of times in the exact same manner that prompted this RTP notification initially. I should note that I only got these prompts these two times (now and two weeks ago) when opening a recent Excel file via Start -> Right click on Excel icon in my dock -> Select a file from the recent category. These were two different files that I opened. As previously, I do not want to lower my security settings in Malwarebytes, as I have not faced any issues since then as noted above and I would err on the side of protection in this case. Perhaps there was a patch in the meanwhile that fixed this? If not, will this be patched somehow on the MB side? Thank you!
  10. Had the same notification pop up 5 minutes ago! Also with Excel as @prenup mentioned above. Excel asked me to start in safe mode, which I did. I do have Office WMI Abuse Prevention turned on.
  11. Hello, I noticed that as of today I cannot connect to the update or account servers anymore when running Mullvad VPN (I tried different locations and they all result in the same error). When the VPN is turned off, I do not have this problem. This is odd, as previously I had no issues connecting to Malwarebytes servers via Mullvad... I turned the VPN off a few times and was managed to update to version, but I would like to restore the previous integration/functionality with Mullvad so that I am not forced to turn it off every time I want to check for updates. Thanks!
  12. I had the same Malware.AI.3548712541 detected across 6 files in the Temp folder a few hours ago (startup scan). I imagine that it's a false positive?
  13. Can confirm that I also had this issue, with the exact same IP, site name and port! I restarted my machine twice and received this error within 10 seconds of my desktop and bottom panel fully loading. I traced this to GameBar.exe within ESET network connections manager. Not an expert... what does this mean?
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