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  1. Hi Nathan, I followed the instructions and it was successful, so far no re-infection. I hope it stays like this. Thanks for your help. Regards Moritz
  2. It seems to be a pretty recent problem and the update servers of the manufacturer are propabably hacked. I will try the solution described in this blog tonight. https://borncity.com/win/2021/04/03/gigaset-gehackt-android-update-server-liefern-wohl-malware-aus/
  3. It definitely wasn't delivered with malware, but the firmware is neverthless infected now. I just hope someone knows a way to identify the infected system apps similar to xHelper.
  4. Hi, maybe you can help me with my malware problem on my Gigaset GS270 plus. So basically I have a malware that installs three seperate apps at once. Shortly after that Google Chrome Browser opens a commercial site for gaming apps. If I delete those three apps via settings or with Malwarebytes, they are reinstalled within a few hours. Factory reset brings no relieve since the apps are installed again shortly after, simliar to Xhelper but not quite. I can not find any APK files typical for Xhelper (com.mufc) as described in your blog. So I assume it's not XHelper. I hope someone in this forum ca
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