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  1. This seems VERY complicated. I found this : https://www.borncity.com/blog/2021/04/04/neues-zum-gigaset-android-smartphone-malware-befall/ Please check, if you after reading (German) still stick to this advice...
  2. Ich habe bereits diese Funktionen beide ausgeführt, das Virus hat danach erneut mein Whatsapp gekapert.
  3. In der Anleitung ist davon die rede Android/PUP.Riskware.Autoins.Fota zu deinstallieren. Malwarebytes zeigt jedoch auf PUP.Riskware.Autoins.Redstone. Welche muss ich deinstallieren?
  4. New detection: If I activate my google account in my phone, immediately my whatsapp account will be blocked because of violation rules. It seems that the activation o google play app leads to spam, spread by my google account with my phone number.
  5. This is the status of the scan, started this morning at 5 am after charging battery:
  6. Also Malwarebytes was now able to detect some malware in the "update" app. As before manually Malwarebytes deactivated this app and I decides to choose "forcingly stop app". However as soon as the phone is booted - because for example the battery was empty - this "update" app is again started. For Malewarebytes automatically also starts scanning after restart of the phone, it direktly finds again one of the malware-apps, that have been deleted already. So it is obvious, that this "update" app is downloading them again and again. Therefore I think clearing Storage & Cash again will not help
  7. @ mbam_mtbr I did not find time to follow all your advises as clear the Storage & Cache yet, because my phone is now extremely slow. But I want to let you know this:
  8. Is it possible to catch malware insite SMS? Just received an SMS with only numbers an signs insite and after click on it xiaoan was found by Malwarebytes again.
  9. Phone carrier E-Plus (Alditalk) Phone brand and model (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8+) Siemens GS270 Which Android operating system you are running 8.1.0 ScUpD: 05 Okt 2019 kernel 3.18.79+ (gcc version Update run today If your phone is rooted I dont know If you are running any other security software Not it seems I caught malware, malwar
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