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  1. Here is the new file. PlayImmortal.zip
  2. I am trying to understand is there no other way to validate this? Means every time we will release a new version we don't want to update it here. Is there any other way to bypass the version related issue?
  3. We have recently taken a new build and again it started showing error. It was solved, but the same error is coming again. Can you please tell us what could be the reason. is that true that true that every time the binary changes will give the same error again and again.'
  4. Hi, We have developed our game with Unreal Engine. I definitely know what Malwarebytes is reporting is false positive. We are packaging our code with EV code signing and still we are getting this exception from Malwarebytes. Can you please help us clean this false positive from your end. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3c8b213077ea4f98e92dc12e80f1645a461095243c8794721be98f8fec85f8e0/detection PlayImmortal.zip
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