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  1. Neither waiting, updating, nor exiting MBAM worked. Deleting hubble cache worked. Thanks @shadowwar @Porthos @cli for the quick review and followup. Was there an obvious instruction or setting for a casual user somewhere that I missed that would have done that automagicly? While easily done, this seems round about. Also, I realize now that the numbering in the pinned post were not steps as I originally carelessly thought, but referred to versions. An obvious mistake, but if I made it, then others may as well. Perhaps "MBAM release 1.* instructions for the log:" and/or most recent first release order would help klutzes like me provide you with the desired logs.
  2. Thanks for the very prompt reply. .EXE and .ZIP are undetected on VirusTotal (April 2), but MBAM Free still detects both after a manual update with MBAM restart (Friday) and a manual update (Sat.). MBAM: Update: 1.0.39024 Component: 1.0.1249 Updated: 4/2/21 4:03 PM [US EDT; UTC-4] and Update: 1.0.39026 Updated: 4/3/21 6:20 PM
  3. 1. Both systemus.zip and systemus.exe are detected as malware on installed free version of Malwarebytes. The .exe is in the .zip. I think both flags are false positives, although I could understand a riskware, PUP, or system tool type classification as Systemus is a menu of system tools. systemus.exe (Generic.Malware/Suspicious) on https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b250b79a87b596381fe53f2c14c3db556ce79cc84753c4a2e06762acd4f86017/details sytemus.zip (Undetected) on https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f8611a12d02038504585f2b225d802a6ee0832e68522d8fad046769e7045e935/detection Found at https://www.dcmembers.com/bgmcoder/download/systemus/ 2. The pinned create log instructions don't work. A. Requires full path to mbam.exe B. Instructions for running on just a subfolder are not included. I run on a subfolder via the context menu. Systemus.zip
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