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  1. Thanks for helping me out by the way have a nice rest of your day.
  2. Thank you and do you have any recommendations for a vm that’s free or not that expensive.
  3. ok i uninstalled java and adobe and is microsoft light needed or no?
  4. Yea I don’t need it I never used Java so if I delete Java updated do all the other processes also delete or do I have to do everything one by one and I forgot to mention I already deleted the Adobe thing I’m just not sure if I need to delete just Java updated or if I have to do other stuff
  5. That’s it thank and for the Java do I go to apps in control panel and delete everything that says Java and is shockwave in apps in control panel
  6. I ran the script and i have group policy now i think here are two photos one is the folder with the users and the other group policy
  7. ok have a nice rest of your day i might respond around 2 tomorrow ill try to do it as soon as possible
  8. and also i seen these logins in users in C: the full path is C:/Users
  9. and have a nice rest of your day i also have to get going i have school tomorrow
  10. is this the download for the group policy thing https://winaero.com/download-enable-gpedit-msc-in-windows-10-home/
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