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  1. ok so i ended up having to redownload my gpu drivers to fix it with amd tool it has to load into safe mode to use it when i did i noticed i keep getting some random crashes it doesnt say what crashed but my mouse cursor gets stuck and i have to wait till i get the error to get out of it besides that everything is working great.
  2. hello im getting a new problem it doesnt bother me but i just keep getting this Problem Event Name: APPCRASH thing in control panel evertime i close out of fortnite ima see if i get it for other games and i already ran a sfc /scannow and it did find some files to fix.
  3. ok so far my pc is running good i ran malwarebytes scan and found this is it a false positive or real malwarebytes.txt
  4. Some apps appeared when I started the pc deleted some well most I just decided to download it again but I’m uninstalling it can I check up like in 2 days to see if I keep getting errors and how do I track down the problems is there a tool I can use to make it a little more easy
  5. FRST.txtAddition.txtOk i finished all drivers i think but i ran a sfc scan because i wanted to check if everything was alright and it did find files to fix does that mean the windows download wasnt succesfull or its ok
  6. FRST.txtAddition.txtIm downloading the drivers for gpu and cpu right know
  7. Ok so i got armoury create to download and it lets me download everything that i need
  8. Ok I found the exact model I checked for Markings and stuff it’s this one it every says prime b550m a ac in the mono just like mine https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/PRIME/PRIME-B550M-A-AC/
  9. its not that one its this one Prime b550m-a ac - Bing images
  10. And also it doesnt say it from cyberpower anymore it just says windows now in system
  11. When i tried downloading the frst tool but i refreshed and it worked
  12. Its a cyberpower pc and it a desktop not sure of the model number ill try to look for it its a prebuilt
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