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  1. THANK YOU! That update fixed it, I don't know what it did, but it fixed it!! I restarted my PC and all is still good, I also did a full scan. All clean as I knew it was, but glad to see that result anyway. I have to ask, even though I know I might not understand...any idea why this happened at all? If it's too technical, I wont understand, just glad it's fixed and I can do my regular 1:1 HDD backup like I always do each month. Thanks again for everyone that read and read/helped this topic!!
  2. Can't edit my post sorry: @Porthos: I tried what you said, disabled Avast and tried again with that link/article to follow, BUT 2 things happened: 1 - Step #9 never happened, It never asked to restart the PC, after it did some cleaning up, and said it removed all traces of the program, it then went into asking me what I was installing it on, and then started to download then install it. 2 - After it reinstalled, I then got the EXACT same error message 2 times in a row and it not responding Now, I don't know what to do.
  3. @Porthos: Sorry I'm totally confused. You said I used the wrong tool, then tell me to use something else instead and the link is to the 'Malwarebytes Support Tool ' the exact tool i just tried using since uninstalling it and used CCleaner to clean any traces of it and restart the PC and tried re-installing it again and still get the same error never worked. @exile360: Unfortunately I can't do this since I can't even open the program itself to get to the settings, I only get the exact same error message each time I try to access it at all.
  4. Hello and sorry for long post! I have a problem that I can’t figure on what to do and would like some help, hopefully this is the correct board/forum. If not, sorry for the trouble, please point to the right one. If is, I hope someone can make heads/tails of this! As topic title says, I was doing my normal checking for updates/doing scans on my PC, wasn’t running anything at the time. I walked away when it was updating the program’s (Malewarebytes Anti-Malware - Free v4.3.0) definition, came back and saw this error on the desktop: "Malwarebytes has stopped working A probl
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