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  1. Hi, the attached exe was detected twice by malwarebytes running on my laptop. This ocurred before I submitted it to virustotal.
  2. Hi, you managed to temporarily resolve this issue, but now upon repackaging a newer version of my desktop client using PyInstaller, malwarebytes has raiased a false positive again. (Malware.AI.2399989317). exe attached. I have run it using virus total.com and malwarebytes is 1 of 3 that have detected the file. The rest dont: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/51ffaac18bca9a78d508bf383170416c96ad8d44fc7d88b9b00b38d4d7ec1e6c/detection giblaw.zip
  3. Malwarebytes is flagging any exe created using PyInstaller (https://www.pyinstaller.org/) as malware (Malware.AI.621701228). I distribute a small python desktop client which I package using PyInstaller. I have recently updated to the latest version of Python / Pyinstaller and malwarebytes has suddenly started flagging the produced exe as malware. exe attached. I am unable to attach the exe to this post. How can i send it to you?
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