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  1. edit: its also been more than an hr since i started up my pc and so far no threats came in the malwarebytes program
  2. Hello, just finished the scan and it found 0 threats.
  3. here it is some of it is in my own language mbn.txt
  4. hello, it finished scanning and found 11 items. Did it automatically remove those items now?
  5. hello, here are the 2 files. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hello, recently i have tried installing far cry 4 on piratebay. After i installed, it just didnt work so I deleted it and shortly after my chrome started opening up this random website. I opened up malwarebytes and I cleaned everything but it keeps on detecting the s1.toupdate15.com website. I have put the export in the file below ff.txt
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