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  1. Hi Maurice, Sorry about this - I thought I posted a reply on Weds, but it isn't showing up here! Long story short - I did as you suggested over Opera, while I couldn't find anything obviously suspicious in the settings/extensions I did delete the cache etc. It seems like this has finally done the trick - I have had no further alerts from Norton or Malwarebytes and my daily scans have since been coming up clean. Feel free to move this to 'resolved'... and thanks a lot for all your help!
  2. Hi Maurice, Thanks again! Yes I understand alerts don't necessarily indicate an underlying infection but thought it was better to be safe than sorry... There have been a few detections since. I've attached Malwarebytes logs for those. My desktop app is a trial of the premium version but I will certainly purchase the premium following this experience! I have installed the Browser guards (including on Opera which is my main browser day-to-day). However, they don't seem to be blocking your test site when Web Protection in the desktop app is turned off (I followed the advice i
  3. Hi Maurice, Thanks a lot for your help! Okay - here's the fixlog. The system seems fine but then again it seemed fine before - I imagine the real test is whether I keep getting warnings over intrusions, trojans and so on... I'll let you know whether these continue but it may take a little while to tell. Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi Maurice - okay, I can confirm I've got 'show all folders' on.
  5. Hi Maurice, Thanks again for your advice. However, no threats were found by Sophos. Apologies for the delay, I had to wait to scan the PC overnight as I use it for work all day. (From the log you'll first see the scan I did on Saturday but I tried again at your request - the relevant scan finished started on 30-03. The unscanned files are from a work Dropbox.) SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  6. Hi Maurice, Thanks for your advice. ESET didn't turn anything up apart from BitTorrent update files (see the attached log file). Do you have any further suggestions? eset_log.txt
  7. Hi, Over the last few days I've been experiencing a number of issues while browsing that could indicate an infection. Norton has been alerting me to frequent intrusion attempts (malicious redirects, domain requests and so on) while Malwarebytes has told me about a number of blocked websites running the gamut from Trojans, RiskWare, Fraud, PUPs, Malware and Malvertising. At the same time, neither program has been able to find any concrete threats when scanning my system. So I am taking it to the next level... I'm attaching my Malwarebytes log and FRST/additions logs as per forum
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