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  1. I haven't ran the long scan. So far everything has been perfectly fine and I see no issues : )
  2. Thank you so much Maurice! I think I will do the scan later just in case, but now I know I probably don't have an infection after all.
  3. I ran the scan like you said, seems like nothing was detected: ScanRepo.txt
  4. Hello Maurice, here are the report files: Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. There is no other non-Microsoft antivirus software on this windows computer. I've never installed any additional anti-virus to the computer except for briefly malwareBytes to check my computer.
  6. Hello, I need some expertise on something that I suspect is malware. I noticed a strange gif on my desktop yesterday. The name of it was "blank" and without opening it up it looked like it was of a small 1x1 pink pixel. When I opened it up it looked like it didn't display anything, and I could see that the full name of it was "blank.gif". I did not download anything like this, and it just seemed to appear out of nowhere. I checked the gif on virus total and it said it was safe. I still deleted the file after that just incase. After deleting it, I ran both the Malwarebytes scan and the default windows scan and both did not detect any threats. Today, I got a notification I've never seen before on my computer informing me about free grammar software. My computer also informed me that a part of windows security was disabled (I enabled it after). Am I infected?
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