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  1. 8937a04d1dab86b119e52e3c2c6ca49b2770dbe470c071fbf07e25e0f9ecbd51 (this is the file from the first post, 1/68 is still detected) 339229c92173ed64fe0275d6f4685e01b7208142ab16a5c98699d45de3cff126 (this is newer version 1/68)
  2. I'm asking for the future. In such a situation, I will write in this topic. Thank you for your answer.
  3. Will next versions which contain the same "actual updater" files be detected again?
  4. Hello We have been a fan translation of The Elder Scrolls Online for 4 years. Our website: https://eso-spolszczenie.eu/ We have been using the "actual updater" program for over a year to update http://www.actualupdater.com/. There has never been a fake detection by Malwarebytes before. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8937a04d1dab86b119e52e3c2c6ca49b2770dbe470c071fbf07e25e0f9ecbd51/detection
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