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  1. Thank you for your assistance @AdvancedSetup I appreciate the time and effort you put into helping me with my problem.
  2. Updated, rebooted and ran the scan again. By the looks of it, the error is still there. If its not fixable, it's no problem.. The main point is that my PC isn't infected. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. After I click OK it runs for a few seconds then it automatically closes, no txt file log is generated. I've been doing this before and after each time I run FRST64. Should I install the optional update?
  4. Our of curiosity, what does this VSS error exactly mean/do to my computer? FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. I went ahead and did it. I also made sure everything was up to date, rebooted and ran FRST64 again. FRST.txt Addition.txt Fixlog.txt
  6. That would be great if you could. I've attached the files from the new scan. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Hi @AdvancedSetup I went ahead and disabled the services for Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer. Regarding AutoIt3, I have a vague memory about this. I don't have it installed since it doesn't show on my installed application. How could I remove the scheduled task? The 4 files ESET log found seem to be false findings from my understanding. If there is any other steps I need to take do let me know. Thank you, Regards. Fixlog.txt ESET log.txt
  8. I'll try to keep my story as short as possible. March 17, someone tried to login my Facebook account. Later that day someone hacked into my brokerage account and caused some damage. March 18, someone tried to move money from my bank account into my brokerage account. This was done through the brokerage account. I found out about the Facebook login attempt immediately however I didn't find out my brokerage account got compromised because somehow all emails from that brokerage account were filtered to be marked as read and to be sent to the trash. I never did this, I don't think I
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