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  1. Seeing this on our main site again. We're now getting support tickets from users over this. Can this be addressed soon? If we can't get it resolved within a reasonable time we'll be putting out a site announcement to our community to temporarily disable BG, as even if you click "Do Not Block", the extension is still blocking WebRTC which users need to place phone calls.
  2. The original topic was locked, but Browser Guard is blocking our user login site. We had asked to remove the main site bobrtc.tel yesterday, but that thread is locked.
  3. BobRTC is a very well-known scambaiting website. We also recommend to our visitors to install MWB Browser Guard. In the last 4 hours, MWB started blocking Bobrtc.tel
  4. Looks like this is also triggering for our subdomains chat.* and wiki.*
  5. BobRTC just got inserted into MWB as a "Trojan site" as of this morning. BobRTC is a scambaiting website that tracks the inbound numbers of known telephony scams, including Technical Support scams that push inbound telephone numbers on victims computers. We are the good guys here. It's quite likely that a scammer send in an abusive report to MWB.
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