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  1. You advised that you could not do it and informed me that I need to request via the forum which I am doing. Where do I need to go to resolve this issue? Thanks Ian
  2. Hi, Our website holidaydiscountcentre.co.uk was listed as a scam site on Browser Guard, which has now been removed. However, when we host holidaydiscountcentre.co.uk images on our other websites Browser Guard still alerts that holidaydiscountcentre.co.uk is a scam site. Can you please resolve this so holidaydiscountcentre.co.uk is never listed as a scam site including as a refereal? Many thanks Ian
  3. Hi, Can you please remove www.holidaydiscountcentre.co.uk from your Browser Guard warning? Unknown to our business but a fraudster attempted to take advantage of an open url redirect code which has since been brought to our attention and fixed. You can check our status here https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search?url=holidaydiscountcentre.co.uk Best regards Ian Raine Holiday Discount Centre
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