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  1. I was logged into my account and editing an article when I got it.
  2. gonzo, I have the Browser Guard extension for Chrome. I was just using the site and it popped up.
  3. My website https://copblaster.com was blocked just now with a notice that says "may contain scam activity." I have reviewed your criteria for scam activity and have concluded that it does not contain any scam activity. It is a legitimate website that documents police misconduct and also lets users submit their own stories. There is nothing remotely scammy about that. It certainly does not contain anything from the paragraph below the notice which says:, "Possible suspicious activity encompasses a variety of behaviors that are commonly attributed to technical support scams, cryptojacking, browser hijacking, and other types of harmful, risky, and potentially unwanted objects." I have visited other sites hosted on the same server and none of them display this notice, so I'm pretty sure this is just a site specific notice and not IP based. I noticed some people submit Virus Total scans with their requests so here is mine https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/055bbc8cfbcc659e213672cd27a82a6faa605826535b77aa8b70d787eb2205f7/detection
  4. I rented a new VPS on 3/8 and had to add the IP address ( to my ignore list just to login an start migrating websites to it. Today learned that anyone trying to visit any site at that IP address is still getting blocked by Malwarebytes and receiving a trojan warning. When I logged into it via Windows Remote Desktop the first time I could tell it was a fresh installation of Windows Server 2019 DC, so obviously the trojan warning must be due to the last customer using that IP hosting a trojan. How do I get my IP removed from the Malwarebytes blacklist? Also, whenever I try to post on this forum and my NordVPN is active my post gets rejected as spam. Please fix that as well.
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