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  1. Hello! Thank you. I was able to fix the issue by disconnecting my SSD and other hard drives from my motherboard and connect them again. After turning on my pc, I went to the Bios and select the boot drive which was in the SSD and it booted properly. However, this was only a minor fix to the overall issue which whenever I try to use Malwarebytes, this happens every time.
  2. I used Malwarebytes Free to scan my pc because of this stubborn Generic Trojan KD virus I could not remove. My anti virus that I'm using is Bitdefender. It detects and blocks it but it couldn't remove no matter what I do. I tried using other free malware alternatives but they still couldn't remove this Trojan. While Malwarebytes was scanning, it caused this issue. This happened before which is why I was hesitant in using and purchasing Malwarebytes. But after searching far and wide in the internet, many are praising malwarebytes as the best one out there. But my issue is that it causes this error and I can't fix it anymore. Please help me! Thank you
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