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    finding VPN

    Alvarnell, I had the privacy software downloaded to another computer, while my son had borrowed this one. Hence the use of the "free trial." Both computers belong to me, but I use this one for Bible study software and to administer online Bible Study groups. I had to disable Malwarebytes on the other computer because it is being sent to Apple for repair. This laptop had never had the privacy software on it. I use Malwarebytes because it was recommended by Apple.
  2. NonnaC

    finding VPN

    Thank you to the Experts. You got me where I needed to go and helped me to download the Malwarebytes Privacy software.
  3. NonnaC

    finding VPN

    I have a CenturyLink modem/router. I had Malwarebytes VPN installed on my other computer, but had to take it all off because I am sending that computer to Apple for repair. If I cannot install it on this laptop, I will not be able to put it on the other one when I get it back.
  4. NonnaC

    finding VPN

    I want the Mac version. I have already used the "free trial." I have upgraded the subscription. I want to put the VPN on my computer.
  5. NonnaC

    finding VPN

    No. I downloaded the Malwarebytes software. I did not see any download button for the VPN
  6. NonnaC

    finding VPN

    I had already downloaded Malwarebytes when I posted this question. So, again, how do I get the VPN opened?
  7. NonnaC

    finding VPN

    I upgraded my subscription to include VPN. I am trying to add it to one of my computers, but cannot find out how to do it.
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