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  1. Thanks - I just made a support ticket. I will update this forum post if I get any good results that maybe helpful for anyone else. Thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone, I am reaching out regarding help with trying to pull requests from the Malwarebytes Nebula API. Currently I have a python scrip where I am just trying to retrieve quarantine data: https://api.malwarebytes.com/nebula/v1/docs#tag/Quarantine When I run the script I keep getting an error: {'error': 'missing_header', 'error_description': 'Missing required header', 'error_code': 2} Here is my code import requests import os import json malwarebytesclientid = "ITS_A_SECRET" malwarebytesclientsecret = "ITS_A_SECRET" malwarebytesaccountid = "ITS_A_SECRET" #malwarebytes requests malheaders = {"accountid":malwarebytesaccountid, "authorization":"Bearer " + malwarebytesclientsecret} mstatusresponse = requests.get(ninjaurl, headers=malheaders) mstatus_json = mstatusresponse.json() print(mstatus_json) I have a clientid, a clientsecret, and the accountid but yet its still saying I am missing a header. Does anyone have any suggestions to find the missing header required to pull a request? Thank you for your time,
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