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  1. I was running them through virustotal via and external and these seem to be on my search now too
  2. Hi all, I've been in quite the pickle. Yesterday morning I got a mcAfee notification pop up that said "we've scanned your download and it's safe!" or similar, and this was "rundll32.exe" now, I know this is a system file and I had not downloaded anything while this occured, I wish I had taken a screenshot. To be safe I did a lot of different processes. First, I did a scannow on system32, all clear, nothing unusual there, I did a Mcafee full scan and it detected nothing, and Malwarebytes did not either. When I tried Windows Safety Scanner, this baffled me- it found 5 infected files on my entire PC, but the conclusion at the end was that it had found no malware. Here's what it looks like when I search for rundll32.exe below of this post, I am at such a loss and I'm worried and I don't know why mcafee suddenly gave me the popup it does when one would download in real time and it'd scan, so something or other downloaded, and I'm concerned. Please let me know what I need to do, what I can send back, I would be endlessly appreciative of the help. Here's the search results, those search ones are probably from me frantically searching yesterday.
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