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  1. Here's a screenshot provided by one of my friends. I can confirm that I experienced it as well, but my logs don't say anything about it when I ctrl+f for it, maybe because I bypassed/ignored the block on my end?
  2. Hi! I'm posting because my webcomic's website, InvertedFate.com keeps flagging as a possible scam. This may be because of the way the website is coded to change the page url without fully refreshing the page. However, this site is completely benevolent- I and my webhost have confirmed that there is nothing dangerous on the site. "window.history.pushState("data","Title",window.location.href.split('?')[0]+"?part="+part+"&page="+page);" Apparently this is the code that triggers it, according to my web host. The site is made from scratch, but this code is essential to how it functions.
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