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  1. Ideally a tower pc would be the way I'd go but I cannot afford to build a tower pc/do not have the room for it in my apartment. Laptops get the job done and tbh that's all I really need.
  2. Well I say this bc it's not like crashing or anything. The fan runs loud for a little bit but then will quiet down. I've just had such terrible luck with laptops in the past between one getting stolen, one having the motherboard die on me.. went through 3 computers in the course of a year and I happened to check the task manager and saw the RAM was being highly used and got worried. But now that I know of a fix, I feel a lot better. <3 Just want this computer to last, ya know?
  3. I really appreciate this so much <3 For now the computer is running okay so once money is a little less tight, I'll invest in some more ram.
  4. See my laptop is new though lol. I just honest to God didn't pay attention to the ram when I bought it. But, knowing I can add more makes me feel better~
  5. You are being so incredibly helpful I appreciate you so much. It's an HP 15-dy1025nr
  6. Is there a way to add more memory without like.. breaking the bank? Also I'd just take it to a repair place to get it put in, right? or can I add it myself?
  7. Well, the processor is an Intel i3 10th Gen, the hard drive speed says No Rotation? I'm sorry I'm not really tech savvy so I'm not sure what these mean. I got the computer to use discord and run really basic games if I decide to play them and malwarebytes is what I used on my last computer.. So I transferred it to this one.
  8. Ah okay! I wonder what's causing my memory to be up at 59 to sometimes 80 then... Uuugh Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it.
  9. Oh I forgot to mention that it always looks like this. In that screenshot there is no scan running in the background. I do not have the window open at all. Support itself has been a little less than helpful so any help I can get would be appreciated.
  10. The title pretty much speaks for itself. I thought it was discord initially but upon closing the process it seems that malwarebytes is the culprit. I've tried going into the task manager and setting the priority to low but it said access denied? I'm not sure how that works because I'm the only user on this computer.. but uh, I have a screenshot of how much memory malwarebytes is using and to me it seems excessive? Am I wrong?
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