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  1. Alright, so here is the Fixlog.txt and after the reboot I notice those excluded folders as well as the your "browser is managed by your organization" is totally gone. I guess that was it then. Anyway, I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you had to spare just to respond to my request and with that thank you so much! Fixlog.txt
  2. Ohh, I also forgot to include the other four since I only intend to give an example of those excluded files that can't be removed and it just so happens that most of them came from C:\Program Files (x86). Here are the others... The thing here is that, I managed to delete those sub folders with the exception of C:\Users\r a y a\AppData\LocalLow\ILHZGwhVipbzG because it's nowhere and even though I deleted three of them, they still show up in the exclusion tab and still can't be removed . All of those that I've deleted contains nothing so I'm assuming that those C:\Program Files (x86
  3. And regarding about your latest instructions, already turn on "show all folders" however I only managed to see this one (attached image) don't know if that is the right one though. I also can't seem to find any of those sub folders in C:\Program Files (x86) other than being excluded and also the straightforward solution unfortunately it still doesn't work, it is still greyed out.
  4. Hey Maurice, Sorry for the delay. Btw, Attached is the full scan of the Microsoft safety scanner. msert.log
  5. There you go here is the log file scan.txt
  6. Ohh, and one more thing, how do I proceed now into safely removing those malwares given that I've already provided the log files? As of now I have like 44 quarantined threats (scanned by malwarebytes) + those folders that are excluded (windows defender exclusion tab).
  7. Hey Maurice, I look into the link you sent and tried to do it, however, I don't think it is applicable in my case since it isn't grayed out like I thought it would be.
  8. It was the Windows Defender Security under the Virus and Threat Protection tab. So, what happened is that after finding out that instead of having an installed application from the suspicious application that I recently downloaded and install, it turned to be an installer that just injected malwares to my system thus I checked my program files for shady file folders and task manager then I started running a full scan and an offline scan. Though, it detected some threats and me swiftly removing it, I also notice that under the Virus and Threat Protection Exclusion tab the folders that has a fil
  9. Alright, just finish following the instructions and here's the report log.txt
  10. Forgot to attach this files. Anyway, hoping to hear a response to my request. AdwCleaner.txt log files (after restarting).txt Log files (before restart).txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Hello! So I just recently ran up a full scan and an offline scan using windows defender due to me installing a suspicious app and so I thought and was hoping that windows defender might actually detect them all and remove it, unfortunately it didn't. Though it showed some threats after the scan and I swiftly removed it, I noticed in the exclusion tab the (folders w/ random characters) that I've also notice when checking up program files since I've already had the intuition that I just messed up. Anyway, they are excluded and can't be remove after the scan. And I also notice in my Google C
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