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  1. Any recommended programs i have on my computer for protection besides mbytes i already got
  2. I can't thank you enough for this much help man thank you so much <3
  3. but how do i install the new bios update i never knew how too
  4. yeah it came as a rar and now i gotta drag the file in the my usb but i gotta format it
  5. thats the new scan i just got from the clean install
  6. i did it the way the guide told me and i got an activated windows still. Edit its not activated
  7. so do i need to run all these programs again or can i just boot from usb and attempt on another clean install
  8. Update so i factory reset my comp to see if it would do anything and i had the usb with windows on it. Games are working and windows is still activated for some reason but idk if this is a win but ima take it as a yes?
  9. do i download windows from machine or cloud?
  10. i dont mind losing my data i got most of my files i need on my usb drive its like 16 gb big
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