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  1. Hey, Thing is I was logged in with an administrator account I have fixed that problem now.
  2. Oh sorry if I was unclear, I installed FRST in the wrong location which I at the time thought it was desktop, but it showed my username and said that I didn't have administrator access to download it on the desktop so it re-directed to just the downloads folder. After that I saw the program pop up with the scan button but it wasn't on the desktop so I uninstalled it without uninstall.exe. Damn..
  3. Hey, it's an urgent situation I guess. I watched an video how to download it but it didn't want to download on my desktop ''cause I didn't have administrator access'' so it went somewhere else me being completely confused. So I found it but then I deleted it then some minutes later I found out that I had to rename it to Uninstall.Exe will this destroy my pc?
  4. I could double click on it and it opened Notepad could that be a problem, But anyways I tried right clicking on it and went into properties and at the bottom it said ''Attributes: Read-only or Hidden''. If I chose hidden it disappeared. But i'm wondering why didn't Microsofts own troubleshoot work?
  5. Hey, I tried to doing what that guide said but i'm still seeing this Desktop.ini, I rebooted my pc to see if it worked but it didn't work. But there is one thing confusing me I can open the desktop.ini in notepad but it is empty but the ''Recovery'' has an customized icon.
  6. Hey, I'm unsure if this is the right part of the forum to post this. But it goes like this I just went onto to check my drives and in my recovery partition I found an ''desktop.ini''. Should that be there or could this be some sort of malware, I have scanned with ADS-Spy/Alternate Data Stream Spy and it showed that the desktop.ini was ''Cached-Tiles'' and 200~ bytes. But when I opened it in notepad it was completely empty.
  7. Hmm.. I have researched a bit now and it says that the HKU is a virus. Could you possibly explain about it Kevin, and what the HKU's in my system were?
  8. Well, Thanks for the help Kevin Just to make sure once more this HKU/S-1-5-18 or 21 etc wasn't anything dangerous right?
  9. My pc is running smoothly, I don't think that there are any issues left. I have a question though is there any more software/commands I should use. Like chkdsk?
  10. Thank you very much, It did certainly help to remove those annoying ''weird pops'' that come sometimes.
  11. Oh no no.. the letter A was just an example i'm not sure what causes it to happen sometimes. But every letter opens something random when this occurs it is very uncommon to happen though.
  12. Hey Kevin, This thunder network folder was deleted instantly I found it in my program data folder & my user folder. Everything that I remember me my self doing on my computer is just browsing youtube and playing games with friends. It could've been a misstake that I possibly clicked on an ad once or twice. Something strange that has happened though is that my keyboard has flipped completely, when I click on ''A'' for example it opened chrome. Thank you.
  13. Hey Well this ''paranoia'' began with me just scrolling through random folders and eventually seeing ''Thunder Network'' folder. Which got me worked up because I searched it up and it said that it was a virus. + I was scrolling through the logs for a quick check and I saw this HKU\s1-5-21 thing which also seemed to be a virus. This No File <==== ATTENTION also seems very suspicious or if it's just me getting to worked up. Kevin could you possibly tell me what these are? The HKU & the attention message to get a better understanding.
  14. Forgot to write this. But you're a life saver Kevin my paranoia is kicking down and it feels like I could follow your steps again you wrote to help others.
  15. Hey Kevin i'm back again with the logs. I'm just a bit confused with 2 of the programs. With Malware bytes I had to click export after the scan to get the logs. With AdwCleaner by Malwarebytes I didn't need to restart my pc after. Everything with FRST went fine. FRST.txtMBadw log.txtMBlog.txtAddition.txt
  16. Thank you very much Kevin for the instructions, i'm in a hurry for something in real life so i'll reply with the logs in a few hours.
  17. Hey I have mailed malwarebytes for help but it is taking quite a while and i'm shaking way too much. So i'm going to seek help here for a faster response. Currently i'm completely stum I have read on the forums about this software called ''FRST'' but i'm afraid if that is the wrong first step. Thank you incase.
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