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  1. Vokul

    Different Speeds

    Thanks for your help! I appreciate the quick replies too. Have a nice day and be safe.
  2. Vokul

    Different Speeds

    I apologise. I have attached the images with the names, however, it decided to embedd them. From top to bottom: 1. No VPN 2. Netherlands/Amsterdam 3. UK/London 4. Sweden/Stockholm 5. UK/Manchester So pretty much the UK servers letting me down here!!
  3. Vokul

    Different Speeds

    I have attached the logs + some speedtest screenshots. From testing - It looks like it just depends on the overload on the server and I think a new feature showing how overloaded a server is would be useful! mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I really hope they bring this back to the UK :/ It was how me and most of my friends actually became part of the family and never changing now!
  5. Vokul

    Different Speeds

    Hello, I was wondering why the UK servers can’t seem to get me around 1Gbit speeds but servers far away like Sweden can? connecting to Sweden: I get pretty much the same speed as without vpn which is awesome! however connecting to the server in my city for the UK I get about 200Mbit download instead of the 800-950Mbit from Sweden or without vpn? Could the server be over loaded or just doesn’t support 1Gbit?
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