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  1. Sorry for being away for so long. I did the steps outlined in the article you sent, and I think that both my accounts and my computer are clean! It's around a day and nothing has shown up in my scans. Thank you so much for your help in guiding me through this process!
  2. When I did the first step of clearing my chrome sync data, I did it with two different accounts that I use. I think that I'm going to try that process again, but just use 1 of my two accounts.
  3. I ran a scan on adwcleaner this morning and unfortunately it seems like the PUP is still there. I ran scans later last night but it didn't show up until this morning when I opened my computer. Thank you for your continued support. AdwCleaner[S73].txt
  4. Nope everything's been working fine and my scans come up with no detections! I'm going to wait until tomorrow for a definitive statement, but everything should be good. Thanks again for helping me through this!
  5. I followed the steps and ran a malwarebytes and adwcleaner scan, with no detections. Are there any other steps I need to follow or precautions I need to take? I turned back on malwarebytes active web protection after the restart and the fix. MalwerebytesScanResults2.txt AdwCleaner[S68].txt
  6. I did the steps you outlined and here are my logs. Neither Malwarebytes nor adwCleaner found anything, but I think this is because I cleared it out in a previous scan. Thanks once again for the quick replies and the help. FRST.txt Addition.txt MalwerebytesScanResults.txt AdwCleaner[S67].txt
  7. Thank you for the help so far, I went through the process that you suggested I do, and it worked for a couple hours, but then the PUP appeared again. I don't know which of my two accounts has the PUP connected to it, so I did the process with both accounts. I signed my account out from every device but the one I was using. I did log back into the youtube app on my Iphone, if that means anything. The AVG secure search PUP didn't appear this time interestingly. AdwCleaner[S65].txt
  8. Also, when I reset my pc, I chose to keep personal files, so that might mean something.
  9. I've been having a problem with a PUP related to Google Chrome that doesn't go away. Frequently I would run Malwarebytes and scan my computer, along with AdwCleaner, and the same PUP keeps showing up no matter how many times I deleted it. I've tried clearing sync data for chrome and uninstalling chrome, and the pup still shows up. I've tried formatting my computer but the PUP showed up again after I redownloaded chrome. I don't know if it showed up when I synced my data again, but regardless this is worrying. The PUP hasn't affected performance, and as far as I know, done anything, but I'm sti
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