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  1. I got my ip from looking up "my ip" and put that into the address bar and got me port by typing "netstat -a" into command prompt but Malwarebytes keeps giving me the error " Unable to contact license server. Check your proxy settings or contact your system administrator for help." Not sure what i am doing wrong.
  2. This is for home use and my product is Malwarebytes Premium 4.3.0 on Windows 10. I just want to setup a proxy using the software but cant figure out what information is meant for the username and password of 'Proxy server authentication' and where I would get that from. Thanks for the response!
  3. So I am trying to set-up a Proxy server using Malwarebytes. I have entered what I think is the right address and Port but now it needs a Username and Password but I am not sure what username and password it wants. Is it for my pc or my Malwarebytes accounts? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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