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  1. Hi! Thanks exile360. I'm going to activate MBAM's real time protection and see what happens. Regards
  2. Hello! And what about ESS and Malwarebytes with real protection enabled? Any problem? Thanks in advance Carlos
  3. Well, Well, Well MBAM!! It's the second time since i am your costumer... Can i trust in MBAM in the future or i've to change my AS protection?
  4. Hello! I've instaled version 1.29 via update and now says. Version 1.29 released. A reinstall is strongly suggested! I've uninstall, download and install again and says the same thing! Aparently everything is ok. Any ansewrs about that?
  5. Thanks for your answer! You understand my bad english! JeaninMontana did not! I've a paid version of your good software.
  6. Hello! No more answers to my sugestion? Thanks
  7. Hello! Were I can see the updates signatures that you make several times in the day? Thanks in advance
  8. Yes i Know! But i can only select one hour in the day. What i'm say is each time that an update cam's out mbam update it self like nod32 by example. I hope you understand my bad english, Regards
  9. Hello! I've purchased a license for your software and i see that the updates are sheduled! Why not automatic? Like the antivirus. Thanks for this great program. Regards from Portugal, Carlos
  10. Hello! In the last two days when i update the software, database version increase but fingerprints loaded decrease... Is that normal? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi! Thanks a lot for your explanation!!
  12. Hi! Thanks for your reply. I'm not an expert but i think that are false positives, aren't they? I like your software but i need to now if it is secure. Regards from Portugal Carlos
  13. I've instaled this version and Windows defender asks me to send the files "mbam.exe" and "mbamcatchme.sys" for analysis. Also SpyBot says that "mbam.exe" is Smitfraud-C and "mbamcatchme.sys" is Worldsecurityonline.Fakealert. Can anyone tell anything about this? Thanks in advance
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