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  1. From the title itself, does it matter if I enable my UPnP when it comes to security against malware and virii
  2. I have used Emsisoft Emergency Toolkit, so that means that it is where the Wacatac comes from and its a false-positive in the side of Microsoft Defender? If that is true then that's good news, now I won't worry that much
  3. Hi, here's the scan, again, thank you for helping me throughoutAddition.txtFRST.txt
  4. I am really thankful for your help, here are the logs of the scan that I have done after uninstalling One Drive and Qbittorrent FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Can i do a last run with FRST and can you check if qbittorrent was the cause of the unknown file in Temp? Because that is where the Wacatac Virus was found twice when I did a full scan.
  6. I'll try and uninstall the qbittorrent in order to identify if the file in the temp really is qbittorrent, because the wacatac malware always comes from the temp files, Onedrive is pre installed with my Windows, but I do not actually use it. Garena, this is where I usually play league and I play it. The blocks from the Windows Firewall is my doing
  7. Here's the scan after my updates FRST.txtAddition.txt
  8. Hello, I have done the fix and here is the log and thank you for discussing the merits of my programs Fixlog.txt
  9. With what you said, what other programs can you suggest that I should remove according to the logs of my pc and are there no other suspicious logs or activities in my pc? I'm not a really tech savvy person so please be patient with my questions and thank you for answering them as well
  10. May I ask, does my computer have, other issues that I am aware of? It would be helpful if I know if there are.
  11. The computer is running great, I was just worried about remaining virus and malware in my computer. I am really thankful for your help throughout this discussion. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. Where can I find the logs for the KVRT report? I don't know where to find it
  13. If this could help, this is the report of the 22 hour scan that IMalwarebytes Report 2.txt have done
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