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  1. I uninstalled and reinstall mwb. Problem fixed. Thanks.
  2. When I want to scan a file, it takes too long to complete. I guess, because of checking updates. If the problem is checking for updates, is there a way to disable it? (I know, there is a option in settings called "Application updates,Automatically download and install updates" and it is not related for me. For example, when i scan a only 1 mb pdf file, it takes almost 3 minutes! It is horrible.
  3. For example, Potplayer is famous media player and I controlled it on my Malwarebytes Firewall Control. I noticed that this program requests outbound internet connection a lot. And there are many such famous software like this. What I'm curious about is this: For example, If the Potplayer developers want to send the my txt files from my Desktop dictionary to their own server, will they be able to do that? Will Windows or antivirus software stop this? Potplayer is just one example. Many well-known programs are like that. Note: I don't ask how to protect myself from this. I just wonder how this is theoretically possible.
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