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  1. as you say, an awful lot of people having similar issues, i've seen/posted on Mac OS forums and no clear steer on a solution, small comfort to knwo it is not just me.....but is a real apun the ???? to have be pulling the plug in my external screens every time i need to zoom.... :(
  2. Hi Treed, thanks for the reply....re ComboCleaner, i wasn't inclined to pay for it, as it did cross my mind that it was a bit of bait and then pay....! especially since the claimed find and cure WindowServer CPU feature did not flag anything i got feeling it was nothing special.... the search goes on as to why my mac is slow slow with external screens... :(
  3. Hi, Bit of long shot but.... I've been having problems with using 2 external monitors, since upgrading from MAC Catalina to Big Sur....exploring all sorts of avenues as the cause.... My Mac pretty much grinds to a halt, especially when I'm using Zoom etc.... When looking at MAC Activity Monitor there are a few things that seem to be hammering the CPU e.e. Kernal_task and WindowServer. When I google WindowServer CPU issues, there are articles that indicate this can be affected by MALWARE. I currently use the Free version of MALWARE BYTES which has not detected any issues. However another scanner product (Como cleaner) reference in an article, which I have downloaded, found some malware/virus not detected by MALWARE BYTES. These are ID are: Trojan.Generic.43221402 Trojan.Generic.33986424 VB.Trojan.VBA.Downloader.JQ Archive Bomb all of these were found in website archive files (TAR.GZ) files from a website via cPanel. Any reason why MALWARE BYTES hasn't found them and are they really a problem...? Would Malwarebytes find/cure any issues with WindowsServer... Appreciate help/suggestions... cheers
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