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  1. +1 for adding this functionality. While I do have all MalwareBytes Premium protection options turned on, there are rare cases when I need (for my conscience) to ensure that I have scanned a file (or in some cases, a RAR, the ZIP within the RAR, and files within the ZIP) in a manner that isn't just "well, it didn't trip the scanner..." I have download tools that have the option of keeping a file in quarantine until it has run an explicit AV scanner against the newly downloaded file, and I'd *really like* to use that functionality. That way, if MBAM decides the file is untrustworthy, then it has touched less of my system than if it had been downloaded in its full form, placed in its final resting place, *then* scanned. Also, if something managed to temporarily disable MBAM, then forcing a quick scan against exactly one file should tell me that the scanner has been disabled, which will alert me much faster to a major problem. This would be a minor piece (for MBAM) to add to its consumer lines, and a great source of joy for Power Users.
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