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  1. thanks i wish you delete our private file after scan please i attached exe orignal file and scan log too
  2. thanks for reply if i attached our exetable file will it be for public i mean is anyone will be able to download it or (private) just for malwarebytes team ?
  3. hi malwarebytes team malwarebytes see our program academic contains malware-ai-2065904055 i attached scan log please add it for whitelist malwarebytes scan.txt
  4. thanks for reply we test that file since 1 month ago on virsu total becuase its just media player for cources but contained security code for permisions to create files or delete our academic files on windows for our educational paid cources then we fix this by remove that code then we upgrad that file to latest version without exe file but visrustotal keeped that file in virustotal.com although we deleted that file already since that date we did that scan in this date from that link First Submission 2021-02-26 19:19:43 Last Submission 2021-02-26 19:19:54 note:this file dosnet exist now in our website and you can test that
  5. Hi malwarebytes team Our educational website website was blocked by chroom malwarebytes extension our domain worked fine since 9 years ago ,It was strange for us The domain is : https://www.citystarit.com Can you please add it to whitelist. Thank you so much
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