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  1. at least 5 of these are false positive with malwarebytes. The scan is here from few seconds: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/71edcb31b79f08a28b1142ecac65339ea301acf5635fce2094557568be02f06a/relations when you click on the files, you see the results of each file. Thanks for your time. The problem with our encrypted files, its that they are always different .. Is there any way that we can find a solution for our encryption software? 1282697_EventLogs.zip
  2. We have these next crypted tests which are false positive again. Our encryption tests are running nightly. Thats why i will report here in the same topic, if we still have false positive. I think its not a good idea to open a new thread every time we have a false positive. All the files in the Zip are false positives. Thanks for your help. 1282423_EventLogs.zip
  3. Could you check these files aswell. There are protected files with our licensing and crypting software. Thank you in advance. 1281601_EventLogs.zip
  4. They are gone. Thank you for the amazing support!
  5. Hi, we have several files from our installer which are tagged as false positive when we scan them with virustotal. Could you please take a look on it? Files are attached in a zip file. false_positives.zip
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