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  1. thanks for the reply! Will be able to sleep comfortably now haha.
  2. hello I'd like to revive this thread because the exact same file is now being detected as malware again by the scan. Can someone please advise what's happening? Will reattach the file down below. gallery-dl.zip
  3. Oh I see now thank you for the straight forward explanation. Once again thank you again Twinheaded Eagle and Porthos for the timely response. Much appreciated
  4. Hello! Yeah it's really strange that I'm running my system scan as well as scanning the specific file again with malwarebytes and it's not picking up anything now as it was detecting it just yesterday as Malware.AI.2840659664. So yeah, I guess it must have been fixed already. Well I'm glad it wasn't malicious after all. Just a few questions though: is malwarebytes version the latest version? Just want to make sure my malwarebytes proper and up to date. and I know this doesn't really matter anymore, but for future reference is there a reason why something that is safe for mon
  5. Hi I've downloaded a mass downloading .exe file from github about 7-8 months ago called "gallery-dl" which is really useful as you can run it in your command prompt to download images off sites like imgur. I've ran a malwarebytes scan almost daily and found nothing everytime until yesterday where it detected 1 file threat named Malware.AI.2840659664. This freaked me out because I never thought something that was scanned daily for months on end could suddenly turn into malware. I'd just like confirmation that this file is indeed a false positive and if it's okay to not worry and continue use of
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