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  1. OK It seems that the Chrome problem is not related to makesure.biz. I found this log in Malwarebytes: It seems that makesure.biz is blocked many times a day. log.txt
  2. I Google Crome comes a popup when i start it. Sometimes i is very short and othertimes it is just a white box on the screen. I don't no if it is related to "makesure.biz". I have reinstalled Google Crome, but tis still comming.
  3. I have deleted the files in Quarantine. In the beginning the message came all over the screen. Now it is coming as a popup-message. It is very short, but i was lucky to get a screenshot today.
  4. My Microsoft Defender does not have a quarantine folder in this place: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/microsoft-defender-antivirus/restore-quarantined-files-microsoft-defender-antivirus I have looked in Windows explorer but can not find it.
  5. The problen is still there: when i am surfing a messeage comes: Troian horses found and refer to a file: makesure.biz When the computer restarted the intern virus Microsoft came with a message about some virus was found,, but it was gone after few seconds. Fixlog.txt
  6. Files i have form FRST Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Comes to me everytime i am surfing on internet. Can I lock it out?
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