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  1. @AdvancedSetup I'm ready to send the Additions and txt files to you. Just before i send it, can i actually know how long it will take for you to check if it's safe?
  2. If that's what needs to be done, i did make another strong password. I also have a phone, sms, authenticator app as MFA. Which means i shouldn't be worried about it. I understand it, thank you for your help.
  3. @AdvancedSetup I would like to tell you that i didn't complete STEP 03 yet because it's unclear for me how to do it. You asked to disable Microsoft Smartscreen, which i don't know how. I tried to look out but i couldn't find Microsoft Smartscreen listed in the registry. Also do i have to disable Microsoft Smartscreen only for STEP 03 or also for STEP 01 and 02? Because i used AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes without disabling anything. @David H. Lipman Hello again, like you said i started getting spam mails, also a mail that it tells me i created an account somewhere. It looks like a fake one. Is it worth to keep this email? Should i move my important accounts to a safe gmail account?
  4. @AdvancedSetup Sure i'll keep it up to date. Before i leave i wanna ask my last 2 question, when i was scanning my pc with malwarebytes it actually jumps from 5k scanned to like 120k, is this normal (it scans automatic daily bc i have premium)?
  5. @AdvancedSetup I would like to mention that i already did Step 01 and 02. Nothing found by both. Didn't even ask for a pc restart, i think it's because it didn't find anything harmfull. I'll leave step 03 for tomorrow because i need to sleep, getting late.
  6. To be clear, do you ment this for step 3? Or also for step 1 and 2?
  7. @David H. Lipman I guess so too, thank you for mentioning that.
  8. Good to know that they're just trying one by one. I did make difficult password this time. I definitelly would like to do that. Before we start, how long does it take to scan? Because it's getting late here. Cheers
  9. If it's a story, than i should be good to chill or was it sarcastic. I didn't know that it was wrong to ask something if that's the case.
  10. Hello, Sorry for posting here, i don't know where i should post about this. The story is.. That i created an account on GOG like 2/3 week ago. Bought a game that was cheap there, 1 day later i got an email that someone tried to acces my account on GOG (the guy couldn't login because i had protection on). I was 100% that this wasn't phishing. Did a search about it and had to change my password. Then i realised if my email/pw got leaked so i checked ihavebeenpwned and yes my email and pw got "data breached". After doing a check on my email, someone also tried to login to my email, he couldn't do it because offcourse i didn't use the same password on my email. So i got a bit paranoiac and did a adwcleaner + malwarebytes check on my pc and couldn't find anything. So i think i'm safe from anything such as keylogger right? I know which password he used, so what i did was check if i used that pw on important websites/apps and i changed it. Just to mention yes i do have and use 2FA and SMS protection and such things on all websites/apps i use (if they have one). So it's kinda impossible for them to hack it. Unless they got into my IP adress. But i doubt it because i don't use search risky stuffs. My day is just Youtube, Twitch or Gaming. What i don't understand is, today the guy tried to acces an website that i even don't remember i used and would like to know how they know i have an account there? Is it just a guessing game or do they have a list of it? Is there a reason i should still be paranoiac about it? Like i did change my passwords on the most importants websites/apps, Did a malware scan and adwcleaner. Also is there enough reason that i should change my mail? I hope i can feel 100% sure and chill :')
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