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  1. David, thank you for the information of fraud numbers, I appreciate it. I am also glad to have a better choice of where to go to post this kind of problem Bill
  2. David, Thank You for your response. a few points for me to clear up. I really posted this because the pop up attack was new and other than this forum did not know how to alert others as well as Malwarebytes. Until you note I was not aware that the phone number was a known scammer number. I posted the text as pictures for two reasons, I am keeping the identity of the person attack as completely unavailable and it was in the middle of the original text. The other reason is that they were very convincing to the unaware. Even when I talked to them on the number listed, they could be convincing unless one knows better. Rest assured the version(s) of Malware bytes I installed on this machine were directly from Malwarebytes, and from their URL. The machine is clean and I have verified the installation/activation of the software. One unasked question is W10 is completely up to date now and was only about 30 days back before this incident. I know Malwarebytes has places to submit new finds that are software/Virus/Malware based, but I see no way to alert them to this kind of incident. People that would be hit this way expose Malware bytes to perceptual damage in as much as the person effected will believe that the scam was perpetuated by Malwarebytes, Which I would like to have avoided. Bill
  3. After updating an expired Malware Bytes Home licence on computer tested scanned and activated the account. This morning while user was on computer she was checking to see that Malware bytes was working and got a pop up window. The scammer represented himself as from Malwarebytes and that activations was not complete and that there were thousands of problems. He then took control using Gotoassist. At that point the user contacted me. I called the scammer, Peter and asked him directly who he was with... He then sent me to a website that Malwarebytes needs to take control of, My malwarebytes.org I know it is reported in browser guard, but by the time I saw it the site offered no warnings.. ALL signs of malwarebytes had been removed from the system, and several security settings were left open. Even rebooting had gotoassist come back up as well. Killed helper app, rebooted again, and reinstalled malwarebytes, along with activating the code. Ran a complete scan , closed security settings. The phonme number for the scammer is 1-800-485-9316. The person who perpetuated the scam and answered the phone is "Peter". I am attaching two pictures of scammers diagnosis, and info. I hope it helps others.
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