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  1. Hello, Just wanted to let you know that MalwareBytes still gives false-positive both on client I've attached previously and on updated one, since topic was only followed by whitelisting site, and not by false-positive on submitted file. Detection name is still the same, so I guess there's no need to attach logs. Attached file is updated client. Thanks in advance, Octarine octarine-client.7z
  2. Thanks for fast reply, actually fastest one from AV companies :) I don't think so, since it triggers on VirusTotal, and triggered without downloading executable [it was already there before Malwarebytes installation]. Anyway, if it's actually related to Browser Guard Block - thanks for forwarding false-positive to them.
  3. VirusTotal link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/25375690907a2afcfaae0c5dea89bc5c6ef4ad7cea718c8ac6a8df1368c45e81/detection Detection name: Trojan.MalPack Attached file is client for https://octarine.cc octarine-client.7z FP.txt
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