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  1. Adding this last comment since a friend has spotted something i didn't realize and i wouldn't want someone to waste time on it: the eye "program" under Steam is just Steam itself. The color palette of the icon changed when it moved from a position to another, and by looking at a specific frame, thought it was something else (i feel like a idiot). Still, the other process wasn't one i knew.
  2. Sorry for the added comment again, im kinda "shocked" so i tend to forget to add stuff, plus it's very late. I used netstat today and didn't spot anything unusual, there are no programs or processes like the ones ive mentioned before in my pc and the upper program is Steam, the one under i don't know, looks like an eye or ball to me.
  3. Sorry for the double post i clicked send as an error. I was saying i got a picture but it's very blurry. You can kinda see the icon. Its not firefox. Is it recognizable ? I unfortunately dont think so. I'm attaching picture, FRST and Addition. Today ive done a full MBAM and MSE scan, so i don't really know what to do. If someone could help i would be very grateful. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hello. If someone could help (or explain, if it's not a malware issue) i would be very thankful. A couple of days ago my mouse had some jumping issues and i've thought of it as related to hardware. But because of that i've been worried about my pc and i was more attentive. Today i turn off my pc and a process i've never seen appeared in the "Waiting for this applications to close before turning off". I can't unfortunately remember the name. It had NV - Class and a bunch of 0s in the name. I thought it couldve been a windows process, so just to see if i could see the exact name i turned on
  5. Thanks for the answers. Yep, it's a wired gaming mouse. Have yet to try use a different one. I will leave it on it's own to see if it happens again, then use the coin test. Depending on the outcome i'II look for drivers or substitute it entirely (and use a mousepad).
  6. Hello everyone. I have an issue with my mouse that i find very particular. While i was watching my second monitor, i noticed my mouse (which was in the first one) moved on his own. I thought it was my imagination, so i ignored it, but after i got up and went back i realized it moved again. A perfect distance (or almost) of 1cm (both times) vertically. I recorded the screen for 20 mins but it didnt happen again. My mouse is 4 years old, ive always used it with no pad, and its drivers are not updated. It most likely is related to that. But i saw posts of malware possibly moving it, although i
  7. Thank, i have read and followed both articles. I don't need anything else.
  8. Hello. Thank you for the check-up. I did a PC reset after confirmation,i've been wanting to for a while now. I was mostly worried i had an infection in case i had to change my passwords. I would like a last advice, i switched to Firefox after the reset, should i delete everything Chrome has ? I mean logging off absolutely everything recordered and delete cookies, history etc. Is there a risk in not doing it ?
  9. Hello. Thanks a lot for the answer. I agree, it doesn't feel like something serious but i prefer to be sure. I appreciate what you do here very much. I attached all the logs. AdwCleaner[S03].txt MBAM Scan.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Hello everyone. I have a question since i'm very ignorant in this kind of stuff. Today i checked my desktop and i saw a blank.gif file, i clicked on it and didnt really care about it at first. Then i checked online and some articles talk about this file as some kind of virus in certain circumstances. I ran a scan, nothing was found, analyzed the file with both MBAM and Windows Defender, also nothing. I just deleted it to be sure, but couldve it possibly be something more ? With MBAM in real time protection, i wouldve certainly got a warning or noticed something else ? PC was kinda laggy t
  11. Looks like a false positive. Posting this in case anyone check this post. Still, if anyone can check my FRST and notices if anything is wrong i would apprecciate
  12. Hey Khadijah Checking MBAM forums, a few minutes ago a trojan warnings post like mine have been made, caused by the same site. Wouldn't know what we all have in common but you should also make a post in case it's a different issue.
  13. Sorry for the comment, forgot i couldn't edit my post. I have attached Addition and FRST scans. Adware scan found nothing. I have also got another malware warning, this time from nowhere. -Dettagli log- Data evento di protezione: 02/04/21 Ora evento di protezione: 18:18 File di log: 1124fee4-93cf-11eb-9977-309c23835076.json -Informazioni software- Versione: Versione componenti: 1.0.1217 Aggiorna versione pacchetto: 1.0.39012 Licenza: Premium -Informazioni sistema- SO: Windows 10 (Build 19041.867) CPU: x64 File system: NTFS
  14. Hello everyone. I hope you can help me with this issue. I have mbam premium and while i was browsing through a site, i got a "Trojan blocked" notification from mbam. Usually, when they are related to google.exe, i imagine they simply are ads that share the IP with malicious sites. Yet this time the issue was at svchost.exe, which threw me instantly off guard. I performed a quick scan, nothing was found. Right now i'm performing a full scan with rootkits detection on. Just a couple of weeks ago nothing was found on my pc after posting it on the forums, so i'm pretty worried. Sorry if my si
  15. Hi Kevin! No they are not! It only happened once and i was just very very much overthinking if i had anything. Just needed to be sure. If that's everything, thanks a lot! Stay safe.
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