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  1. So I received an email from Support@malwarebytes saying to have a call. I returned the email saying Monday (more than 48hrs) at 3:30pm and nothing. No message back and no email?!!
  2. So I restarted my computer and still the same pop up and still I can't open the MBST-Mac thing.
  3. Ahhhh...but then it takes me back to the downloading of the support tool that my computer won't do! So I'm still at square 1!
  4. Please tell me how to do that? I have tried and for some reason it doesn't go through. Any advice MOST welcome!
  5. I can't see it. I even removed it and did the whole process again! What else can I do to raise a ticket? This is all driving me insane!
  6. When I double click on the icon in 'downloads' the icon in the bar jumps up and down, but never actually does anything else?! I tried ctrl click and the same, the icon in the bar just jumped up and down as if it was going to open and nothing
  7. No. Nothing happened. I double clicked on the icon in 'downloads' and nothing happened.
  8. When I click on the MBST-Mac nothing happens. It doesn't open!
  9. Hi Treed I followed your link and downloaded the support tool. Followed the instructions and it won't open! Tried again and same thing. No idea why?
  10. Can I contact the staff directly do you know? I've tried on their site, but.....
  11. Yes, I've done that. I've been searching for soooo many different solutions. After buying Malwarebytes, I thought that would be the solution, but nope! I'm losing hope to get rid of it!
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