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  1. Hey there, I think you have solved my problem! Much appreciated. I ran the scan on Malwarebytes and it said it crystal clean of threats!! Here are my saved files below. Thank you Kindly! love the Captain Kirk profile pic as well! Fixlog.txt Nothreatsdetected.txt
  2. Okay, So I have done all the steps posted above and this is what each one has given me. thank you, I hope this helps malware still detected.txt ADDcleaner.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Hi there, I am wondering why the riskware.bitcoinminer will not fully remove after using malwarebytes scanning tool. Each time I scan when starting computer it is picked up again? Is there any way I can banish this malware forever? or will this terrible thing haunt me to no end? thank you Weird stuff.txt
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