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  1. No problem at all, yesterday was definitely different - I only got blocked once and every other time it was ok whereas to day it was blocked every time. Anyway thanks for looking into it again, appreciate it.
  2. Hi, I reported this problem yesterday and thought it was fixed but website - www.squaredot.agency - is getting blocked again by browser guard. Can you please whitelist the site? Thanks
  3. Ok, sounds good...thanks for checking
  4. @gonzo - the screenshot was from a contact who brought it to our attention earlier. I just downloaded and added browser guard now to chrome and I got the same thing? However, when I tired to load our site again it was ok. Any idea why it would get flagged once like this? Can our site be added to a whitelist to make sure it doesn't happen?
  5. @JPopovic - great, thank you
  6. Hello, our site had been blocked - www.squaredot.agency - please add to your whitelist. Thanks, Squaredot
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