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  1. What a simple solution....I'm pretty much embarrassed by not doing the most basic thing after an error. Anyways, that solution simply fixed my concern. Many thanks for replying instantly. I guess if Antivirus Forums are ranked, then Malwarebytes Forum easily takes the one spot after this experience. Many Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the immediate reply! I did find that in my hosts file and deleted right away. Still, the problem persists though.
  3. I recently purchased a license to activate my Malwarebytes Free to Premium version but unfortunately, upon activating the product using the license key I received, it shows "Unable to contact license server..." followed by "Installation_Token Not Found". I already reinstalled Malwarebytes after researching possible fixes using the Malwarebytes Support Tool and disabled any VPN's that may cause the popup and deleted any antivirus I have on my PC. So my last resort is to ask for help. Here's the logs after I disabled my VPN and deleted any antivirus program. mbst-grab-results.zip
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