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  1. No, sorry the only folders I have are the miners that were on the M1 In my backup and I can't send them.
  2. I may have an idea why. I saw two dmg disks appearing from nowhere when I was running a suspicious pckg file. (Yes, we have teachers that give us suspicious cracks to download for doing homework because they have no budget to pay the softwares whatever...) The dmg files were something like "System Check" and "Installer", containing custom private folders. They appeared exactly when I was running the pckg installer. So in 1 second I've ejected them because I was really careful and ready to act if something goes wrong. Someone told me this is why It probably didn't install, but first I
  3. I think It could be cleanmymac or Malwarebytes real time protection, but I usually get a notification for these things usually. Maybe this is what happened after all, notifications don't work sometimes.
  4. Hi, This is the contrary. It was actually detected on the M1, but not on the Intel MacBook Pro.
  5. 1. Apps that triggered the issue was probably dmg installers from audio software plugins. I saw a "SystemCheck" and "Installer" disks appearing while installing the dmg, so I've instantly ejected both. These were containing private folders (bin, var,...) I've used Malwarebytes to detect It on the m1. But Malwarebytes detected nothing on the Intel while there were viruses (adwares) and both Macs were using the same files so It's strange the detection worked for the m1 only. 2. No, SIP always On, both devices 3. Not manually, I verified the location and both disappeared after the
  6. Thank you, I sent It with Both reports and additional informations.
  7. Hi, I suspect a miner running on two of my Mac. First, on my Mac mini (m1), Malwarebytes has detected OSX.birdminer with 5 locations: Hebrew = /Library/Application Support/Hebrew Metachlamydeae = /Library/Application Support/Metachlamydeae Hebrew = /usr/local/bin/Hebrew Metachlamydeae =/usr/local/bin/Metachlamydeae Mithraeum = /usr/local/bin/Mithraeum The thing is, It detected these on the m1 Mac, but not on the Intel Mac I have. I use Malwarebytes premium on the Intel Mac and the trial on the m1 Mac. I suspect the malware to come from my ssd I connected to
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