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  1. Thanks a lot! The speed of your fixes is incredible. Keep up the good work! Michael Rusakov, WinCatalog.com
  2. Hello, This is a low-priority request, the issue affects just me. I have a self-made tool I use for myself. Malwarebytes alerts: MachineLearning/Anomalous.93% This isn't critical for me - I have added an exception for the executable, but I decided that you would like to improve your algorithm by teaching your system on this log file. The problematic file is a WPF .NET Framework 4.6.1 app, compiled in Visual Studio 2019, not digitally signed, not obfuscated. The log file is attached to this post. Please let me know if you any any other details. Thank you! Michael
  3. Hello Mieke, thank you very much for following up the issue and for fixing it so quickly. It looks like Malwarebytes does not alert on WinCatalog anymore. I tried to install a fresh copy to Windows Sandbox, then installed WinCatalog, and was able to successfully run it. Just in case, I have tried to start a new version of WinCatalog that will be released soon, and Malwarebytes allowed it to run as well. Thank you again! Michael Rusakov, WinCatalog.com
  4. Hello Simon, thank you for the quick reply, no, WinCatalog does not have any relation to the product you mentioned and has never been related to that product. Michael Rusakov,
  5. Hello, I'm the author of WinCatalog, I started to receive complaints that Malwarebytes alerts on the main WinCatalog module since February 20, 2021. I have installed the latest version of Malwarebytes (it is on a free PRO trial now) and was able to recreate the issue: when I try to start WinCatalog, Malwarebytes reports it contains Malware.AI.461113640 and puts it to quarantine. I have uploaded WinCatalog.exe to VirusTotal, all 70 engines there, including Malwarebytes, reports the file is safe, here is the report: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1d3cb59271dbd52525446c93247f8d75d
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