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  1. Strange, Malwarebytes quarantined it on my PC and VirusTotal also flagged it. It seems to be hit or miss with my VB6 apps. Thanks.
  2. Hi, is this going to get flagged every time I make a change and re-compile or once you determine this is a false positive do you just add this to the whitelist? -Cheers! 24HourClock.rar
  3. Sorry to be that guy still using Visual Basic 6. This executable is being flagged for MachineLearning/Anomalous.100%. What is strange is that I have several apps created in VB6 that do not get flagged. Some required some tweaking but I hit a wall with this one. Also, it uses 99% of code used in programs that did not get flagged. I even removed the 1% of code that was new and the false positive remains. Let me know if you would like the other programs. -Cheers! 24HourClockDownloader.rar
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